Hosoo & Transmongolia

"The music of Hosoo and Transmongolia gives nature a voice
Mongolia. The steppe country in Central Asia stands for the untouched nature, the nomadic life, the yurts made of felt, the seemingly endless expanse of the steppe, the Gobi desert, the Altai mountains.
The wind blows, the horse's hooves roar and the steppe awakens
Hosoo & Transmongolia shows us in a very lively way how much the wandering nomads, their flocks of sheep, horses and camels, winds and clouds, mountains and grasses are connected to music and song. Because music is still part of life there and is a joyful expression - respectful joie de vivre.
A musical journey into the endless grass steppe of Mongolia, where man and camel cry in joy and bond with one another.
In Mongolia, Höömii developed over the centuries from the nomads' close bond with nature. The animals, especially the camels and horses, the rivers and mountains, the winds of the steppes and deserts are sung about by the Höömii singer and musically imitated. This creates real singing with and in nature.
Hosoo & Transmongolia give nature a voice and thus bring the vastness of the steppe into the concert hall." FB Google Translate...

The Leader Of 10000 Horses
The Gobi Dessert Caravan
Tatlagin kholboo

[img: Band FB page]

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